255.255.0 is a color code for yellow.

<aside> <img src="/icons/forward_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/forward_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> The goal of this project is to open up an accessible platform for discussing issues of race and identity, while also bringing awareness to the long-lasting effects of the Yellow Peril. This exhibition is an exploration of Instagram as a digital arts platform.


The Event: Instagram stories are live for 24 hours only and so, the duration of this event was only 24 hours. Prior to the event, we advertised on the event's Instagram page with 3 different posts in 3 different days resulting in 72 hours of advertising the event and getting traction on the page, and launching the series of images that were part of the exhibition for 24 hours.





This online exhibition explored the Yellow Peril – a term used in the late 19th century to refer to the imagined danger posed by East Asians. Through a series of Instagram stories, this exhibition will explore how this term has been used and perceived in the past, how it is utilized today, and what implications it has for the present and future.




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