We created an email digest on cords in the segment of trying to increase the number of people using cord. We chose to look for insight in-house before going out exploring ways to bring traffic into cord, so, we looked at our databases and realized that there were 67,500 passive engineers on cord’s database, these users have a profile that is inactive and isn’t interacting with cord. At that time, we did not do much to re-engage people in our database and with the build of the Insights, cord had more than just jobs to attract people back to using the product. So we believed that encouraging users to interact with insights would not only increase the number of users going from passive → active but perhaps increase the traffic into insights, by those users and others with whom there may share content.

Following user research conducted with passive cord users, users said that the majority of the industry content they read daily is content they come across through newsletters, digests, and alerts. The majority of users were also interested in the content currently available on insights and would be interested in receiving that content over email, therefore, an Email Digest seemed like the perfect solution.

See organic acquisition research here and reactivations research here.

From the research we defined two hypotheses, we would work on:

  1. Notifications: We will improve our notifications system in order to avoid spamming users with useless information by allowing them to use manage what emails they want to receive and with what frequency they would like to receive some of those emails.
  2. Email Digest: We will create a newsletter (Email Digest) that is different for every user on cord, that will show content that is relevant to them in specific based on the tags and information on their profile. i.e. we will automatically gather insights articles, stories, etc, that have the same keywords as those on their profiles.

1. Notifications

Why work on notifications? How are they relevant and why working on them together with the email digest?

The email digest was one more email we would be sending our users. We were aware that our users were unhappy with the number of emails they would receive from cord daily, and it was our concern that the email digest would be one more email from cord in their inbox that could easily be overlooked or unsubscribed.

In order to make sure this new product would be welcomed by the majority of cords users, we tackled the issue of this notification first.


Low-fidelity Prototype

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 15.09.00.png

By managing their profiles more efficiently, users can choose which job alerts they want to receive and how often they want to receive them. They can choose whether to receive their Email Digests weekly or monthly, as well as how frequently they would like to receive new feature updates. With this feature built we we’re confident we would have more people adhering to the digest and not unsubscribing as soon as they received them.

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