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What we already knew

Previous user research and data sources:


After revisiting some of our previous research conducted for various reasons with active and passive users, it was possible to gather some information that paired with the undergoing research can help us draw some conclusions on who are our users and what are their interests.

The researches we looked into were the Marketing Content, Increase Organic Acquisition and the Q1 2022 PMF Analysis it was possible to conclude the following.

When it comes to content users said to rely more on written content from blogs like medium and content that was curated to them like newsletters and digests, most said not to like and consume any industry podcasts.

When it came to platforms users said they only consume industry content from sources like Reddit, TechCrunch, Stackoverflow and Google News Alerts.

It was also of general consent that users didn’t like the content from LinkedIn and after going through this research it was clear that most of the articles users found interesting weren’t things they had searched for but articles that they had come across via notification, alerts and emails.

To complement those findings we were able to find other topics our users said were interested in and may be beneficial from, according to this research (Increase Organic Acquisition) when asked people who were passively looking or not looking for work rated better topics around values, shares, and company benefits while active job seekers rated better topics such as salary insights, remote working, and technical skills**.**

There was a broad consensus among all user groups that the topics mentioned were useful or very useful and could facilitate their decision making. There were topics that users felt they could benefit from that we didn't include, such as company culture, size of the tech team, company reviews and reviews from people working in the company or access to engineers and the staff before they accept a position. It was possible to then conclude that users would benefit from information on the aforementioned topics as well as others that were suggested to assist them in their decision making and keep up with industry standards.

To conclude the revisiting of this research we had a look at the PMF Report and after having a look in specific at ‘Very Disappointed’ and ‘Somewhat Disappointed’ users it was fairly easy to observe that when it comes to measuring the main benefits users would receive from cord the majority of the responses were around direct access, quality of opportunities and the transparency of the platform.

Users also pointed out some areas for improvement, the top ones suggested a mobile app, improved messaging features and features requests.

Even though the PMF doesn’t give a straight idea of what content users like on cord, it does help draw a picture of who they are and what they consider important, which will most definitely help build cord’s passive and active personas.

What we learned

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