Cord’s Data Dashboard/Salary Benchmarking Tool (SBT) provides users with comprehensive insight into salaries across various industries and job roles within the tech sector. It includes data visualizations that show the average salaries of different job roles based on their skills, location, and seniority. The dashboard contains information on salaries in the UK and enables users to compare salaries across different job titles and apply various filters. Additionally, it provides information on salary ranges, popular skillsets, and job titles, allowing users to stay up-to-date on salary trends in their industry and make informed salary decisions. The dashboard also features a graph showing salary growth over time.

Project Context

The team's goal for this quarter was to improve cord's experience for users and increase organic cord sign-ups. Several internal and external research efforts were conducted (see organic acquisition research here) to identify areas for improvement.

As part of our competitor's analysis carried on by a different team, we discovered that the majority of our competitors had a salary benchmarking tool. Aligning this to what we already knew about our users - one of their main interests was information on salary and salary trends - and the lack of context and information on those salary tools. We decided to develop an improved salary benchmarking tool.

<aside> <img src="/icons/walk_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/walk_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> Approach:

We began by creating an experience for cord users where we could take the information from their profiles to inform the salary tool, giving the user highly personalized information with as little effort as possible. Our team ran this for a couple of months before bringing the salary tool to the logged-off experience on Cord's landing page, adding restrictions to encourage users to sign up, and having access to the entire salary data dashboard as a way to drive SEO and organic acquisition.


Process & Research


Design session: Directions + Sketching Different Scenarios





Low-Fidelity Prototype → Logged-in Experience

untitled@2x (4).png

Low-Fidelity Prototype → Public Experience (Salary Page)

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