Our objective in conducting user research into how we could improve user reactivations was to understand our user's behavior, gain insight into why they become inactive and identify potential ways to increase engagement, retain them for longer and make the reactive their profiles for reasons other than only looking for a job. The research was focused on user needs and preferences, and I analyzed user data on cord, and previous user interviews to identify patterns and trends in user behavior to find out what would be a motive for users to become active users again.

The research provided us with the guidance we needed to which strategies we could use to increase user reactivation rates, it uncovered areas that needed improvement in order to make the user experience more enjoyable and efficient and provided valuable insight into user behavior and preferences, which we used to target and personalize out reactivation project.

<aside> <img src="/icons/forward_yellow.svg" alt="/icons/forward_yellow.svg" width="40px" /> Data was gathered from passive and active user research surveys, PMF Analysis, and marketing content research relevant to reactivations.


Marketing Content

In the research we conducted on marketing content a while back we are able to conclude that users rely more on written content from blogs like medium and content that is curated to them like newsletters and digests, most said not like or consume any industry podcasts and when it came to platforms users said they consume industry content from sources like Reddit, TechCrunch, Stackoverflow and Google News Alerts.

After going through this research it was clear that most of the articles users found interesting weren’t things they had searched for but articles that they had come across via notifications, alerts, and emails.

User Research

Based on the passive and active user research survey

What data would you like to be able to access on cord?

The majority of the topics engineers said they would like to have access to through cord are surrounding career, salary packages/compensation and industry trends.

What websites, tools, or digital products do you use daily?

The majority of the tools and digital products engineers use daily are mainly development related or work-related. Tools like Slack, Google, Github, etc.

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